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IEP for Parents is a place for families raising children with disabilities to connect, learn, and share ideas.


It’s important to know that you aren’t the only parent to struggle with getting help for your child. Our team at IEP for Parents has been in your shoes and we want to help you unravel the nuances of special education for your child to meet with success.


In order to play the game you must know the rules. Let us show you how to understand and organize your child’s information, communicate effectively with teachers and administrators, and provide the knowledge you need to be an equal member of the team.


A well written IEP that includes meaningful parent input drives your child’s unique educational experience. We will give you the tools to understand the IEP process and build your confidence so you can be a stronger advocate for your child.

Meet The Team

Moms Move Mountains

Moms Move Mountains book cover

When a child learns differently, school expectations can become a daily struggle. Parents must learn how the school system operates and work with staff to develop an individualized education plan for their child. Moms Move Mountains was written to prepare families to act as their child’s advocate and keep their sanity in the process. Find out more or order the book through Barnes & Noble.

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