Things That Matter

Things That Matter

Rise Up the System is Broken

RISE UP – THE SYSTEMS ARE BROKEN Today is Autism Awareness Day. The Centers for Disease Control estimates there are 1 in 59 people with Autism Spectrum Disorder, 1 in 37 boys and 1 in 151 girls. In 1999, there... Read More

Advocacy 101

Do you remember your first IEP meeting?  Did you have a variety of feelings all at once? Scared.  Overwhelmed.  Nervous.  Angry.  Relieved. Did you blindly following the recommendations of the team?  Not having enough knowledge to know what questions to... Read More

A Good IDEA!

In this episode, we provide an overview of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. We discuss the essential elements of the law, detailing the concepts parents need to understand as they advocate for their child in the public school environment.... Read More

Trust but Verify

All parents have expectations about their child’s school experiences. They dream of the moment when their child gets on the school bus with a backpack full of school supplies, surrounded by friends, and waves goodbye with a smile on their... Read More

Is Your Child Struggling in School?

In this episode we discuss how to get your struggling learner assistance from the school team. Sue and Susan offer tips and strategies on documenting your concerns, analyzing school data, and developing a plan to help your child overcome their... Read More

Who’s the child expert on the Team? Spoiler Alert: It’s you!

Your child is one of a kind.  Maybe every parent thinks that about their kid, but from the moment you realized that your child learns or moves or communicates differently, you’ve been hard at work, trying to figure out what... Read More

We Believe

In the first episode of IEP for Parents™ meet the hosts Sue Memminger and Susan Magers as they discuss the guiding principles behind a new community for parents raising children with disabilities and special learning needs. They will talk about... Read More

Building a Support Network

I’ve never felt more alone than when I found out that my children had disabilities.  After all, I was surrounded by people with normal kids and seeing that their path wasn’t our path didn’t take rocket science. They were going... Read More

Parents are Equal Partners

Your child learns differently. Perhaps you knew your child had a disability at birth, or they missed developmental milestones which led to an evaluation during the pre-K years. Many other parents don’t know their child has a disability until they... Read More

Why Knowledge Matters

Why Knowledge Matters Although Sue and I didn’t know each other when our children were first diagnosed, we had many common experiences as we started our journeys. In the beginning, we were naive. We didn’t understand the language and jargon... Read More

Why This Matters to Us

Why This Matters to Us! We are moms of children with disabilities. We know navigating the public school system isn’t an easy process. We’ve spent the last twenty years dedicated to finding the best outcomes for not only our children,... Read More