Why This Matters to Us

Why This Matters to Us!

We are moms of children with disabilities. We know navigating the public school system isn’t an easy process. We’ve spent the last twenty years dedicated to finding the best outcomes for not only our children, but thousands of others, in many different educational situations.

What we know is:

• Being an informed parent makes a difference.
• There is power in knowledge and strength in community.
• You can impact outcomes for your child with actions you take today.

We have created this community to help you make a difference for your child. While we are working behind the scenes to build the tools you will need to be an effective team member in your child’s IEP meetings, we want to get to know you and why you have landed here. If we can help in any way before the site gets launched, please email us at help@iepforparents.com.

Never IEP Alone!
Sue & Susan

#Team IEP